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In 1974,  American International Group (AIG), one of tne biggest american insurance corporation, created in Cameroon its subsidiary specialized in life insurance called «American Life Insurance Company (ALICO)».
In 1995, ALICO CAMEROON became a public limited company called BENEFICIAL LIFE INSURANCE S.A in accordance with Ordinance nș 85/003 of 1st August 1995regarding the exercise of Insurance in Cameroun.
Group ALICO specialized in life insurance in more than 73 countries, was the pioneer and the leading promoter of life insurance in Cameroon. Through a door-to-door sales approach, an extensive network of agencies and dynamic sales agents focused on direct contact with its customers with tailored insurance solutions and especially taking into account the saving capacity of people in low incomes, ALICO strongly contributed to instilling the culture of life insurance in Cameroon.
In doing this, its marketing policy is fundamentally different from other insurance subsidiaries companies based in Cameroon which prefer to rely upon the facility offered by bankers to distribute insurance products. Such an approach justifies our strong business expansion for the last 35 years.
Thanks to our numerous customers and our stable financial situation, BENEFICIAL Life is known as one of the most trusted company in the insurance industry of CIMA sub-region. This was confirmed in 1999 when CIMA approved our accreditation to start a subsidiary in TOGO called Beneficial Life Insurance TOGO and another company in Cameroon specialized in IARDT, Beneficial General Insurance Cameroun. Group Beneficial is composed of 3 companies administrated in compliance with the local legislation, CIMA Code and the treaty of OHADA.
In April 2001, Beneficial Life Insurance S.A. grew by acquiring part of SOCAR portfolio following international competitive bidding of 1st August 1998.
Information system
Group BENEFICIAL has technological lead over its competitors. The group to manage its portfolio uses information system (OLAS) which allows  real time management. This system developed by ALICO is being used in 73 countries and the most efficient software around the world. More over, BENEFICIAL CAMEROON is the first insurance company in the sub-region which has set up an SMS communication system with its customers.
In partnership with mobile phone companies, Beneficial Life accepts the path of innovation regarding telephone communication and subscribing to special fleets for its executive.
In addition, communication, with its vast customer base of over 70,000 members,  is provided automatically by a network SMS service that is installed directly into the Head office computer system: notifying customers about availability of their cheques, the need to pay their premiums, etc. via SMS.

Our mission is the sale of life insurance products and IARDT in CIMA zone,while contributing to the economic development of the countries in which we operate and providing  guarantee coverage for various risks of transferring our customers.

Philosophy and values of the organization
Group Beneficial's philosophy is to work ensuring quality in its products and in its services, but also in realizing the right to ensure an even better future for the team. We work with employees to foster the development of their potential and that, in order to help them advance within the Group.
In the Group, there is an open, participatory and simple management style. In addition, we encourage communication between people, regardless of the position they occupy. Each has his place and we strive to fill each position by the right person.
To standardize practices and facilitate the work of employees, simple procedures are designed and implemented. It is needless to say that we rely on the participation of all employees to provide relevant information to the development of these procedures.

Listen carefully to your reality
Each organization is unique and every problem requires an appropriate response; by understanding your situation, your goals and needs, we can intervene where necessary and consistently with existing practices.
Involve people affected
It is using the expertise and intelligence of people who face the problem we find solutions that are most likely to be successfully implemented.

Always make room for innovation.
Development, innovation and knowledge sharing is part of our values ??and we earnestly recommend the dissemination of new ideas.

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